Like life insurance this provides you with a tax free cash sum in the event you are diagnosed with one of a list of commonly defined critical illnesses. The cash sum you receive can be used however you like, but is designed to take the financial burden off you during a difficult period in your life. Critical illness, like life insurance, can be a fixed lump sum or can decrease in line with your mortgage.   In addition many critical illness polices now also provide free cover for your children and partial payments for less serious or advanced conditions.

Life and critical illness polices can be combined together to pay out in the event of either a critical illness or death, hence reducing the number of policies that need to be taken.

In addition they can also be taken on a joint basis, for example a couple who wish to protect their mortgage against either of them suffering a critical illness or death could take a joint Life and Critical illness policy – meaning they need only 1 policy to cover 4 areas of concern.

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